Dear Pastor Joe and rafting team, Thank you for the river rafting trip for the kids from the King’s Club. It was a great time for all of us. For me it was a little bit of heaven. All of you were perfect representatives of Jesus Christ. Richard, Rescue Mission in Richmond , CA

We had a great time and were blessed by the guides and volunteers who led the trip. We had a wonderful time of fellowship, floating down the river, great food, worship and being challenged in the Word. Your guides were definitely professional in everything they did, and we are grateful for the ministry that your staff provided. They blessed us by the example of servanthood. Calvary Chapel San Jose

Thank you so much for showing me that God gives a second chance in life if we ask for it and that it’s still possible to have fun without going against God. Johnny, Calvary Chapel Chino Valley

I just wanted to take a moment to give thanks to the Lord for giving us at Calvary Chapel Montebello the pleasure of being able to share a wonderful experience with you and yours at C.C Concord. My husband accompanied me on the trip. He’s not saved, not yet anyway, but I know the Lord spoke to him on this trip and I know with everyone he met and all the prayers for him and me, it will happen, in the Lord’s timing. Thanks again for all the love. “Y”, Calvary Chapel Montebello

Thank you all so much for the awesome weekend! You are all such great examples of selfless ambassadors of God’s love! The food was outstanding – the devotionals were inspirational – and our 2 days on the river were amazing! Thanks to our guide Drew, who ministered to my non-Christian brother with his fun and outspoken demeanor on the water. We hope to be able to join you again in the future. B & N, Calvary Chapel San Jose

Thank you again for such a great trip this year! In truth as I watched you all serving together so well as a team – just blessing us – I had to repent of my own attitude on non-service back at our own church. Jesus opened my eyes to yet another needed area of growth in my life through you all. Miles McMahon, Calvary Chapel Sonora

Thank you for the wonderful blessing that you gave me. I learned more than rafting that weekend. Laura, Calvary Chapel Oroville

Marc - Next time I want a new guide, you talk waaaay too much. Okay I'm kidding, you were great! Thank you for sharing your love for Christ with us and telling us all of your stories throughout the trip, it was never boring! Kudos for being so patient with your inexperienced paddlers. :) Jeremy - It was great meeting you, thanks for being so welcoming, and I still want to climb, or rappel or whatever it is you guys do... as long as it involves being outdoors and out of Fresno and food I'm coming! And thank you for unintentionally dumping my chips and intentionally soaking my brothers. Kaleb - It was great meeting you also, thank you for showing me how to swim the rapids, even though I did it wrong and inhaled about 2 gallons of water in the process, it was still fun! Thanks for making everyone think I was 14. Thank you, thank you, thank you for letting us tag along, you are all extremely fun and extremely loving people. God bless, Kathleen, Calvary Chapel Fresno